Here are just some of the services we offer at North Bay Designs. To take advantage of them all, select one of our comprehensive, great value packages. If the feature you had in mind isn't present, there's a good chance we can still accomodate your project - just send us a free Custom Quote Request.

Responsive Design. A necessity for .

Simply this means that your website will adjust to suit the device you're using. With over 1.5 billion smartphones on earth and 30% of all web traffic coming from them, it is vital to have a website with good mobile capabilities. With North Bay Designs, we will ensure your site is optimal accross any device - be it an ultra wide desktop, tablet or mobile device. Go ahead, resize this page and see what happens!

Search Engine Optimization. Get Noticed.

SEO is exactly as it sounds. Its making your website easier for search engines to see, which in turn moves you up the results. After all how often do you got past the first page on google?
We offer Advanced and Basic SEO. Basic SEO involves optimising your code and meta tags to make it more readable by search engines. Advanced SEO includes further code optimisation, along with other features, such as accelerated indexing and sitemaps, putting you higher up in the search results.

Content Management. Keep yourself up to date.

Having a CMS Website means that you can transform a static 'online business card' into a dynamic, content-driven website. You'll be able to add your own pages, posts and images to the site without having to touch any code - this makes it perfect for blogs, businesses, shops, and photographers. Available as part of our Gold Web Package.

Hosting. Stay online.

What's a site if its not online? Let us take care of that with our Premium Hosting Service, which comes with Unlimited Bandwidth and Unlimited Storage for 12 months. We provide complete peace of mind, as you won't have to worry about tedious FTP uploading processes or DNS Name Server Pointing. On top of this, if your site ever goes down we'll be right on top of it - which won't happen alot, with a guaranteed minimum 99% uptime.

Social media.

With 1.4 billion people on Facebook and 1 billion on Twitter, having a presence in social media can massively increase business. We offer social intergration on all our websites and if you don't already have social media pages we can build them for you free of cost when you purchase a website from us.


We offer a range of E-Commerce solutions to suit you. Whether your product range is small or huge, we can accommoodate your needs. Not only will this mean you have a great online shop we can offer E-Commerce systems that take care of a lot of the work for you, such as emails, invoices, sales data and more!