Terms of Service

Terms of This Document

North Bay Designs retains the right to modify, add and remove content from these terms of service. It is the responsibility of the customer or any other reader to keep themselves up to date on these terms. By purchasing a product from North Bay Designs you, the customer, automatically agree to these terms. It is your responibility, as a customer, to read them.

Terms of Payment

Before work begins on any individual project, the respective customer to that project will pay a 25% deposit of the total cost (to the nearest pence). Once the project has been completed based on the terms of the package agreed on the remaining 75% will be paid in full. Payment can be made by any of the following methods: Cash (British Pounds Sterling), Cheque, or our online payment service.

Your Responsibily

Once payment has been made in full by the customer and the customer is in possession of the product they agreed to recieved and pay for, they are solely responible for its content and legalities. If any content of a website built by North Bay Designs in possession of a customer, including the code or any graphics designed by North Bay Designs are found to infringe upon any law, in no way is North Bay Designs or any of its employees responsible. Once the customer has made any payment of their respective product, they are solely responsible for making sure it is legal. This includes international copyright laws.